Ia ora na from Tahiti!

It has been a while since we've sent out a newsletter! We have been very busy as of late but not just organizing great dive expeditions with Superyacht clients around French Polynesia! We have been re-designing our email newsletter, upgrading our Tahiti Private Expeditions website and launching our sister company's website - Superyacht Private Expeditions.

Always looking at being more informative, we trust that we provide you with local and trusted information plus hints when arranging dive adventures anywhere in the world! 

Happy diving! 

An introduction to Superyacht Private Expeditions

Over the past few years we have been involved in organizing an increasing number of dive and snorkelling expeditions further afield, often involving our skills in technical diving and professional video and editing. Superyacht Private Expeditions was set up last year to handle our Clients’ logistics outside Tahiti and her Islands. This now allows our Clients to discover new dive areas in the same spirit and professionalism than they experienced in French Polynesia.

Our high-end services and standards remain exactly the same as before but now with a new focus on diving trips around the world. While Tahiti Private Expeditions will remain dedicated to organizing custom underwater adventures on Superyachts around Tahiti and her Islands, Superyacht Private Expeditions opens new doors to unlimited dive discoveries...

We are therefore pleased to introduce you to our recently upgraded websites:
www.superyacht-private-expeditions.com and www.tahiti-private-expeditions.com.

Everything is possible… Diving has no frontiers...

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Technical diving

Superyacht Private Expeditions confirms its position as the leader in technical diving with superyachts in the area. Two additional sophisticated Submatix Quantum rebreathers are joining the fleet. Much lighter than the previous models, they are also exclusively electronically monitored with longer dive possibilities. Given the success of “tech diving” with our keen experienced clients in the past, we wanted to give any other diver from the PADI Open Water level onwards the opportunity to try it. The fact that the new rebreathters are lighter make them more user friendly for ladies as their weight is equivalent to usual scuba gear. The « no bubble » experience is absolutely amazing and we wouldn’t recommend it enough to anyone in love with the underwater world. There are two specialised instructors and two rebreather divers in the team looking forward to sharing this unique experience with our Clients.


Professional HD video and editing
Our video expertise has been recently rewarded at the Tahiti underwater film festival "Festival de l'image sous-marine de Polynésie" where R Holler was the happy award winner of the best movie in its category. Some of his photos were also rewarded. Three dive guides in the team are fully trained to make an entirely professional custom film of a trip (land and water activities) using professional and high-tech cameras, including the new GoPro3 and a drone for aerial views. The same film won an award in New Caledonia as well.

Ocean conservation

556700_503324233041919_340236908_nFrench Polynesia and the Cook Islands have recently created adjacent shark sanctuaries spanning 2.5 million square miles of ocean, a move that reflects a growing trend to protect sharks worldwide and more than doubles the area now off-limits to shark fishing.  In 2012, American Samoa and the Micronesian state of Kosrae have barred shark fishing off their shores, and the EU and Venezuela have prohibited the practice of cutting off a shark’s fins while discarding the body at sea. French Polynesia has been protecting sharks since 2006 making it one of the best shark dive spots worldwide.

                Our latest yacht clients: M/Y Legacy, M/Y Askari, M/Y Tivoli and soon M/Y Suri and M/Y Dr No.

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Happy holidays!

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2013. 

We'd like to share a sample of our 2012 adventures, thanking you for your support and hoping to share some exciting ones with all of you next year.

Take a couple of minutes and join us for a breathtaking dive journey

Best wishes,

The team of Superyacht Private Expeditions 



This year again, our sister company Tahiti Private Expeditions will attend the show.

Aside the opportunity to meet with superyachts coming to the South Pacific in 2013 and networking, Christelle Holler will make a presentation of Tahiti and Her Islands, itineraries and activities for charter guests and owners, highlighting diving and underwater activities.

This presentation will be hosted on S/Y Hemisphere and arranged with Burgess Yachts to a large audience of dedicated professionals in the industry.

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy 2012. May it be filled with great adventures! We also take this opportunity to thank those of you who contributed one way or the other to make Tahiti Private Expeditions an even greater dive experience in Tahiti and in other locations around the world. All the team is very much looking forward to carrying on working with you and exploring exciting new dive areas! We are pleased to share with you some of our special 2011 moments.

Recent dive highlights

Between September and the end of the year, we led and filmed yacht expeditions in the Tuamotu archipelago but also in Fiji and in Baja California, Mexico diving with great white sharks, sea lions, whale sharks and sperm whales. We also joined the Undersea Hunter in Cocos island, Costa Rica using the amazing Argo submarine for deep sea discovery (down to 300 meters) and rebreather diving with the great hammerhead sharks. This year is taking us exploring New Caledonia further and bringing our dive expertise there to our clients but also to Galapagos and Cocos again. Tahiti Private Expeditions is also M/Y Mary Jean's preferred private guide of choice for her charters.

For any information or questions about these destinations, please contact us

GOPR0096  IMG_8131  IMG_8718

Baja California, Mexico

IMG_9402  IMG_9801  IMG_9729

Charter in Cocos island, Costa Rica

Boat shows

During the event of the Auckland Boat Show in September, New Zealand Marine invited Tahiti Private Expeditions to present the marine wildlife and the diving in the South Pacific region toP1030067 a large audience of superyachts captains and professionals.

Both the Monaco Yacht Show and the Antigua Charter Show were, as every other year, an excellent means of catching up with the industry professionals and assessing market developments and trends. We took the opportunity in Antigua to participate in a South Pacific destination presentation together with Yacht Help Fiji, 37 South and Tahiti Ocean onboard MY Sherakhan. Tahiti Private Expeditions had prepared a joint presentation with the yacht agent Tahiti Ocean in front of 40 professionals. The presentation is available upon request. We thank all the attendees for their interest and questions but also Tom Debuse of YCO for having assisted in finding the perfect venue for the event.

Press and familiarisation trips

Sea_Wolf_enjoy_the_lagoonTahiti Tourisme, the local tourism board, arranged trips with industry leaders to promote the destination and create an awareness of the country's assets for superyachts. We took part in the organisation of these trips between October and November by bringing our expertise for a dive feature onboard MY Seawolf in the Tuamotu atolls for Boat International (article published in February).  We also contributed to a couple of press and fam trips involving Yachts International, Asia Pacific Boating and Yachting Russia. Yachting Russia had already published an article in Russian in September about swimming with humpback whales in Moorea written by Ch Holler. Professionals from CNI, YPI and Burgess Yachts were invited for the fam trip. Both trips involved discovering Tahiti and its culture, its yacht services, experiencing high end resorts in Bora Bora and its lagoon as well as in Moorea aboard M/Y Ultimate Lady and M/Y Haumana. Private diving and snorkelling sessions were part of the global experience combined with an interactive lecture about the local marine wildlife and conservation actions.
(Photo: M/Y Seawolf in Fakarava with Boat International)

Photo exhibit and charity

Shark_Photo_ExhibitBeing always dedicated to marine conservation issues, Tahiti Private Expeditions donated photos to The Shark Truth non-profit organisation in Vancouver BC to build educational materials for the local Chinese community in order to raise awareness about the threats facing sharks and ban shark fin soup.

Humane Society International and the Jane Goodall Institute China's Roots & Shoots Beijing programme teamed up with the Beijing Zoo from August to December 2011 to promote shark protection with a photo exhibit that showcases these magnificent creatures. Tahiti Private Expeditions donated shark photos for use during the event. One of them was selected as the support material to advertise the event.

Spending most of our time so close to the ocean, we are dedicated to contribute more in 2012 to shark conservation actions and to the non-profit organisation 'Yacht Aid Global'.