Fiji - Update on situation further to Tropical Cyclone Winston

The recent hurricane in Fiji has caused serious damages and has cost lives as it has been widely reported on the news all over the world.

The Fijian people are already at work to bring assistance to those in need.

Today, we feel it is important, however, to communicate that even though a terrible disaster happened and that its consequences should not be dimmed, it needs to be highlighted that the hurricane only hit a few parts of the country and that most of the Fiji islands are not damaged and remain as beautiful as ever.

Fiji is a special country to visit in the South Pacific. This season, yachts will be able to cruise there in all safety surrounded by beautiful scenery and friendly people. The underwater world there is amazing and even though it may have been slightly hit in very shallow areas where the hurricane struck, the quality of the dives and snorkeling is not affected in most places.

The teams of Superyacht Private Expeditions Fiji and Asia Pacific Superyachts Fiji will be ready to bring their expertise to any diver on a superyacht and will adapt the itinerary accordingly.

We strongly feel that Fiji must still be considered as a place to charter during the 2016 Summer and on our side, we will keep on recommending this country as one of the most beautiful places to cruise and dive in the South Pacific.

For any information, please contact David Jamieson